I'm an experienced designer passionate about creating inclusive services.

Across all of my projects I advocate for user needs. I'm particularly interested in ensuring services are accessible, and reducing health inequalities.

Charlotte Fountaine

I am passionate about using design to support people’s mental health, and influence positive social change.

I have experience in the discovery stage of projects. This includes conducting research, understanding what it means and how it can be translated into great new services. I’m comfortable with running multi-disaplinary teams. I am also experienced in prototyping solutions, and turning them into live services.

I co-founded Kalda, the worlds first LGBTQIA+ mental wellbeing app - starting with collecting research and eventually creating a fully functioning service. I have worked within start ups, public sector and private sector.

I hold a masters in Service Design from the Royal College of Art. My career started at Snook service design agency.

My clients have included; Sainsbury’s, Argos, Tesco’s, Doctors Without Borders, and Mind the mental health charity. I’m available for freelance projects.



My approach to design is inclusive. I carried out research with Camden Council to make their physical activity services more inclusive of everyone across the borough. I always advocate for accessibility.


I conduct in-depth user research. This includes interviews, workshops, focus groups, surveys. I also use data to understand how people are behaving when using a product or service.


I work with stakeholders to make sure the changes that we're working on fit well into the organisation. I ensure that I see the design work through to implementation and maintenance.


I love working on prototypes, testing them with users as quickly as possible. I use Figma, Webflow, FlutterFlow and HTML and CSS. I comfortable creating high-fidelity prototypes, and comfortable with improving them and even throwing them away based on user feedback.